About us

RADIO MANNA | A day with the Lord is a prayerful attempt to proclaim the written Word (Bible) and the incarnated Word (Christ) 24/7, through the most acceptable internet media by a team of brethren from India and abroad. This is to cater the spiritual needs of all age groups with participation of our believers around the world with variety of spiritual programmes, round the clock! thus, launched on January21, 2011. 

Our Vision

Preach the Word and teach the Word 24/7

Be a witness of the Lord Jesus in the IT World 24/7

Be a channel to make the Word of God available to everyone around the glob24/7

God’s word preached at different parts of the world, made available for the listeners.

Provide the best spiritual songs in different languages.

Report the current news & prayer requests.

Foster the spiritual gifts of children, youth, brothers and sisters around the globe.

To encourage and edify believers through quality spiritual programmes.

Provide variety of programmes to cater the need of all age groups.

Provide Systematic Bible study.

Provide live convention messages and classes as and when it is possible.

Provide the best messages from prominent preachers and teachers.

Provide the messages and classes taken in individual assemblies.

Frame new teachers and preachers from our own generation.

Our ultimate vision is to help and encourage believers to spend A DAY WITH THE LORD.

Our Mission


Dynamic Biblical and theological based contents to enrich, edify and encourage the christians and servants of God with a prime concern on “divide the Word rightly”, “propagate the gospel prayerfully”, “usher up the spiritual gifts of saints of all age groups”, and “be a source of resource to everyone”.

RM offers an avenue to listen and study the Word of God. So also to listen melodious and meaningful spiritual songs. RM is dedicated to present the best possible Bible based programs, scheduled as daily, weekly and with occasional variety of colorful programmes.

Your Role


Be a prayer partner

Be a promoter of Radio Manna by introducing RM to your contacts

Requesting to write us your valuable ideas and views to improve the programme quality.

Please send you collection of songs, messages and other programmes for the benefit of many around the world.