Broadcast with us

Broadcasting through Radio Manna is completely free. Radio Manna has two types of services like pre-recorded and live broadcast capability with our advanced audio streaming services to bring your music, messages, skits, talk shows, and your show to the masses! Make use of our FREE MALAYALAM CHRISTIAN PORTAL today and share the word of God on a truly global stage!

Live Broadcast Service:

Please use our contact us form to make us aware of your special Christian Meetings. RM will contact the person if that particular Christian meeting will get benefitted to the listeners of Radio Manna.

Pre-recorded Broadcasting Service:

Get recorded your song, messages, skits, or any of the programs scheduled in our program sheet at your home or near your studio that you would like to share with us to share the entire world. We are happy to help you to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and teaching of the New Testament.

Special Note:

Radio Manna has complete authority to either add or reject the program that broadcaster submit.
To apply for a time slot, please send an email to or with the following information.

Broadcaster Name:


Required Time/Day:

Broadcaster Local Assembly/Contact Details/Purpose of the time slot.